The Critics Said:

Sensuality and cruelty, barbarism and refinement, the plot teeming with tension, all is in suspense until the end for both the Magistrate and the reader…”

--L’Yonne Republicaine, Paris


 “Well known to lovers of detective literature, Judge Dee, popularized by Robert Van Gulik, was in fact an historical figure, a hero whose existence is evidenced in the archives of Chinese history. 

Renowned authors and sinologists  Eleanor Cooney and Daniel Altieri have woven a thriller of the first order which allows the reader to discover seventh-century China: a  universe at once barbaric and refined.”

 --Lilianne Mangavelle


(More reviews coming soon! This is the U.S. debut of this book!)


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27.01 | 21:01

Never too late to join this party!! DECEPTION is actually my fave. After you've read it, you'll be primed for SHORE OF PEARLS.

27.01 | 20:51

Many thanks--had been searching for awhile, without success (obviously). A bit late to the party but greatly enjoyed Court of the Lion & just ordered Deception!

27.01 | 15:19

Hi, Jeremy--So far, e-book only. There are old French and German translations in hard copy, but I wouldn't recommend them! Sorry!!


27.01 | 15:04

Was Shore of Pearls only released as an e-book? Looking for a hardcopy, but striking out.